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Oh no. I love having two screens. Is the Samsung CRG9 better than having two separate monitors, though? Or does bunging them both together actually make it less practical in the long run? First things first, a monitor of this size absolutely needs this kind of mad resolution. Its pronounced curvature radius of R feels like the whole screen really wraps around your face, too. As I explained when I used it for playing Red Dead Redemption 2HUD elements get shunted so far to either side of the CRG9 that I found myself constantly having to turn my head away from the centre of the screen to make sure I was pressing the right buttons.

The same goes for using it as a traditional desktop, too. Whereas I can normally position two individual monitors on my desk so both of them can be seen at a glance from my normal sitting position, the CRG9 is so damn wide and has such a prominent curve that I can only really look at half of it at once. One solution would be to centralise my main windows and have everything right in front of me, of course, but that, too, comes with its own problems.

Regular ultrawide monitors have always been impressive in my eyes, but playing in is something else. I thought I knew these games like the back of my hand, but seeing them in silly ultrawide screen makes a compelling case for revisiting them and playing them through all over again.

5120x1440 120hz

Final Fantasy XV impressed as well, with its blisteringly bright and vibrant Lestalum nightlife coming to full and fantastic life onscreen, all without having to tweak a single setting. Of course, the number of games that fall into that tiny cross section of having both HDR and ultrawide support is still pitifully small, but when they do, man alive does it make the CRG90 feel like a worthwhile investment.

5120x1440 120hz

It is, probably, too impractical for everyday use, and a more sensible person would almost certainly be better off just getting two individual p screens instead of this jumbo-sized mega beast.

The drama? The sense of aspiration? Out of its nine picture modes, I found RPG was the most accurate, displaying I was also impressed by its low black levels of 0. Embrace your inner lunatic and give in to the glory of this stupid ultrawide gaming screen, because I guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.

Find more information here. Katharine writes about all the bits that go inside your PC so you can carry on playing all those lovely games we like talking about so much.I know I'm using "old" tech; however, I was curious if the TB16 could support x The reason I ask is I was originally just looking to do a dual 4k setup; however, the Samsung CRG9 came into my gaze lol, and I almost have enough to nab one.

Samsung 49" 32:9 5120x1440 Dual QHD 120Hz QLED Ultra Wide Curved Gaming Monitor (LC49RG90SSEXXY)

Think my combo of laptop and dock would work with the CRG9 at hz, or at least at 60hz? Also, it's HDR piqued my interest, would that work? Maybe with specific cable use? I almost scored a WD19tb for cheap, but missed the opportunity sadly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Go to Solution. As you've found, the TB16's display bandwidth allows it to run dual 4K. So from a bandwidth perspective, the TB16 has plenty of display bandwidth to run x at 60 Hz, in fact you could probably run two of them. And since the Intel GPU in that system supports up to 3 displays up to 4K each, then it should absolutely support dual QHD as well because again, it's fewer total pixels. I don't know if it would be able to run a single x display at Hz though, because even though the total bandwidth is available, the system provides that bandwidth as two independent DisplayPort 1.

A single DisplayPort 1. The TB16 itself can do that if the system supports it, which is how the TB16 can support 5K resolution displays x that connect to both DisplayPort outputs on the dock, but the TB16's documentation notes that that support requires the TB16 to be used with specific systems that have an option called "Graphics special mode" enabled.

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That option in those systems allows the discrete GPU to take direct control of the display outputs instead of the Intel GPU, which works because the discrete GPUs support spanning a single display across multiple outputs. The "Graphics special mode" I mentioned above is achieved using a more complex and expensive motherboard design where both GPUs are wired to DisplayPort mutli-plexers, which are then wired to the display outputs, allowing you to choose which GPU should be allowed to send a signal to the multi-plexer.

But if the display's documentation indicates that it can run that configuration from a DisplayPort 1.

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Hopefully this helps! And if it makes you feel any better, the WD19TB wouldn't have changed anything for you in terms of display output capabilities. In fact almost every system on the market right now only supports DisplayPort 1. View solution in original post. As always, I really appreciate your fast, and detailed responses jphughan.

Requires Intel 7th gen. Then there's the interfaces I'm looking at potentially just putting that money towards a replacement XPS. I may just plunge these funds into an OLED what I mentioned in one of my other posts, the replacement of thethen sell this for monitor funds. Decisions decisions. I've learned a good bit from your response regardless, and feel I have my question answered. Thanks again!!! Even the new doesn't support DisplayPort 1. The reason is that DisplayPort 1.This post includes affiliate links, for which we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase using our links.

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5120x1440 120hz

Learn more. Are you looking for more screen real estate to increase productivity? Instead of multiple monitors, consider going Super UltraWide! Why may you ask? The super-wide aspect ratio allows you to fit more programs, such as image editing applications, movies, display a wider field of view in games.

Some monitors can display two input sources at the same time, allowing you to switch the connected keyboard and mouse as you please between them, using the built-in KVM switch. With a lot of options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the best inch ultrawide monitor for you. Here is what to look for when buying a inch ultrawide monitor:. The inch panel is plenty of screen. Because of this, most ultrawide monitors are curved to provide convenient viewing angles across the whole screen.

All the featured ultrawide monitors in this roundup use curved screen design. Most super ultra wides come with software that allows you to emulate multiple monitors and split the massive screen in as many virtual monitors as you please. Keep an eye out for this feature before buying a display, as the 3rd party apps are not free!

The quality of your visuals is essential when choosing any monitor. These super ultrawide monitors come with up to dual QHD x p resolution for better text clarity. For a more lifelike experience, consider going for one that supports high dynamic range HDR. HDR provides richer whites and blacks to achieve a more natural image. HDR is excellent, especially when you want to render super clear images and video with the highest quality or enjoy every detail of your high-end AAA game.

The super large screens of inch ultrawide monitors might be hard to fit on smaller desks. If the monitor is VESA certified, you can achieve zero desktop footprint by mounting it on the wall. You must be careful to use a strong arm to support over 30 pounds of weight. The new Samsung Odyssey G9 super-ultrawide monitor is a winning choice for gamers and enthusiasts. It has the best features you can find in a 49 inch curved monitor making it the best super ultrawide for In terms of design, the Odyssey G9 comes with a unique R curvature for deeper immersion, realism, and eye comfort.

The monitor sports a glossy white finish and a futuristic Infinity Core Lighting that can display up to 52 colors in five modes.Our Listening Kit. While you'll notice that the model of the CRG9 is Hz, which is lower than last year's Hz model a trade-off we'll happily take for a higher resolution, HDRand FreeSync 2. Measuring a inches diagonally with a aspect ratio, this display is exceedingly large and it supports HDR, FreeSync 2, and a fast refresh rate of Hz.

In some ways, this was just as confusing as it was impressive. As you can see, 4K resolution x is significantly larger than P x Download x This model is the best 49 inch computer monitor for gamers as the dual QHD screen is ideal for immersing yourself in the game world. So, let me put the question in another way. Both VA Panels. With a 5K monitor, image details can be seen more clearly regardless of whether you are viewing pictures, watching a video, or reading text.

Upgrade your business' communication systems with high-quality phones, cables, connectors, and accessories for maximum performance. It's like having double 2K monitors side-by-side. At x, it's 6.

Samsung reportedly working on a 49-inch 120Hz 5120x1440 monitor

Dell is putting the ultra in ultra-wide with its inch UDW monitor announced today. I have a really low end Acer laptop, and am looking for some free steam games that it would run ok. Best games for x Looking to potentially purchase this and was looking for some real-life usage reviews?

5120x1440 120hz

Display Port Version 1. HDR is a bit of a bitch and caused game crashes for me. Hello, I am looking into pairing an XPS 15 with a x hz monitor.

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Stand Type HAS. This is the feather in Acer's gaming display hat, delivering good resolution for this screen size 3, x 1,a Hz native refresh rate with the option to overclock to Hz. Si branchement en HDMI 2.Be the first to review this product.

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Description Reviews 0. Immersive gameplay. The super ultra-wide 49" display is like having two quad HD monitors side-by-side. Playing on essentially 2 x Inch QHD monitors in one is a beautiful and seamless experience.By subscribing for updates, you agree to the Kogan. Remember, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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The rapid Hz screen refresh rate helps to minimise image lag and motion blur for smooth gaming. The user-friendly 60Hz settings let you quickly optimise performance via the on-screen display without having to access the display setting menu. The game-optimised monitor is designed to let you play to win.

Turn on Game Mode to instantly adjust contrast and colour settings for any game genre, switch to Low Input Lag Mode for fast response times and target your enemies more accurately with Virtual Aim Point onscreen crosshairs.

With Picture-by-Picture, you can connect and view input sources without degrading the original image quality. Picture-by-Picture offers convenience for PC games. For example, you can watch a movie and do a web search whilst playing your favourite game. Eye Saver Mode reduces fatigue — inducing blue light emissions and Flicker Free technology — and suppresses distracting screen flicker, letting you play for long with less eye strain.

Please make your selection carefully as we are unable to accept this product for refund or exchange if you simply change your mind or if you made an incorrect purchase. This product is covered by the Customer Charter and comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

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Email address.Samsung is making what could be one of the beastiest gaming displays ever made, with TFT Central reporting that the company is doubling down on UltraWide monitors, powering them with their own Quantum Dot technology. We should expect Samsung to unveil a new inch R-curved display with a resolution that will massage your retinas at x, with a Hz refresh rate to match. Samsung is reportedly also working on a Anthony is a long time PC enthusiast with a passion of hate for games built around consoles.

5120x1440 120hz

FPS gaming since the pre-Quake days, where you were insulted if you used a mouse to aim, he has been addicted to gaming and hardware ever since. Working in IT retail for 10 years gave him great experience with custom-built PCs. His addiction to GPU tech is unwavering. Anthony Garreffa Anthony is a long time PC enthusiast with a passion of hate for games built around consoles. Samsung launching Samsung Galaxy S Hz display, but 60Hz by default.

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Dell's inch ultra-wide monitor rocks x resolution. Galaxy S20 will have Hz display, but limited to p. Newsletter Subscription.

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